The KUB bearing revolutionizes
the maintenance of your cutlass bearing

The patented split-bearing design of the KUB allows for rapid bearing replacement.
A KUB bearing can easily be replaced without haul-out by a diver.

Saves Money

Depending on your haul-out and labor costs for a traditional bearing change-out, the KUB bearing can pay for itself after just one or two replacements.

Meets Military Specs

The KUB bearing meets the rigorous military specifications required for bearings used on United States Navy vessels.

Do It Yourself

The KUB bearing may be easily changed by a diver, eliminating the need to haul out. Even if you do haul out, the KUB bearing can be replaced in minutes, not hours or days.

Ensures Proper Lubrication

The KUB housing is designed with alternative water-flow ports in the after-end of the housing, allowing for proper water flow even with debris wrapped around the shaft.

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